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Daycare Abuse Lawyer in Colorado

Daycare abuse is a concerning trend in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora and across the State of Colorado; and one that unfortunately shows no signs of stopping.

Daycare child abuse can have many lasting negative effects, and it can come in various forms. Physical and sexual abuse of minors put under the care of adults is a very serious concern for daycare centers in Colorado. In addition, emotional abuse, bullying, neglect and intimidation also go on regularly in such institutions.

What can you as a parent or guardian do to protect your child from abuse?

The first thing you’ll need to do is pay attention to your child and watch out for any red flags.

  1. A withdrawn child can be a victim of ongoing abuse. This is especially true if the child was once outgoing and carefree but suddenly changed, reflected in his or her personality.
  2. Bed-wetting can also point to the fact that the child is going through something traumatic and is unsettled during sleep.
  3. Marks, bites and welts on the child’s body are a clear sign of abuse. This is especially true if these bruises don’t fade with time and keep increasing in number.
  4. A child who suddenly becomes aggressive could be doing this as a way of protecting themselves from perceived threatening situations that he or she has to encounter regularly at the daycare center.
  5. Crying and clingy behavior when it’s time to go to the daycare could also be a red flag.
  6. Your child may start showing knowledge of sexual acts at a very young age, something that’s not expected for someone their age.
  7. Lack of appetite could also signal behavioral disturbances.
  8. If the child contracts a sexually transmitted infection or is bleeding or itchy around their genitals, this is an obvious sign of sexual abuse. Clearly, you need to seek medical care immediately after becoming aware.

There are a few things you can do to protect your child if you suspect, or have evidence, that abuse is happening. It’s usually not a good idea to confront daycare workers because this often leads to a tense situation that can quickly escalate. In addition, confronting them with accusations may seriously hamper your chances at securing the evidence needed to prove your case.

The first step when you suspect abuse should be to seek medical help, and then contact the police. You may also wish to speak with a daycare abuse lawyer in Colorado in order to determine your options for seeking justice against this individual and the daycare facility.

Your child may require years of therapy after such an incident. Many parents cannot bring themselves to trust their child with another caregiver, and end up quitting their job in order to take care of the child. Why should your family be burdened with these expenses? Well, we think they shouldn’t. That’s where a Colorado daycare abuse attorney comes in.

In order to build your case, you need to gather as much evidence as possible. Take photographs of injuries and ask doctors to provide you and your attorney with a detailed report of the injuries. You can also take out a court order against the daycare, requiring them to hand over any records detailing their daily protocol on caring for children. Ask for details of employee background checks as well as a valid license that allows them to operate a daycare facility in the State of Colorado. Ask detailed questions to find out who the child spends most of his or her time with, and document everything that you can.

Colorado is No Stranger to Daycare Abuse

In Colorado, stories of abuse have been appearing on a regular basis in the news.

  • Last year, a daycare center in Longmont was shut down pending an investigation into two cases of infant child abuse due to forced feeding. In both cases, employees of the facility did not alert management to the injuries or to what had happened.
  • In 2014, a daycare worked in Denver was investigated and cited for doling out sleeping aid supplements to as many as 35 children in her facility.
  • In 2011, a Denver church daycare worker was convicted and sentenced to 40 years behind bars for sexually abusing several preschool-age children under his care.

These are just some of the cases that point to the underlying problem of day care child abuse in Colorado.

Final Word

Perhaps most important thing when it comes to daycare abuse is to trust your gut feeling if you think something isn’t right. Talk to your children and explain to them that they need not be afraid to “tattle” when an adult hurts them or touches them inappropriately.

If they tell you something, take their claims seriously! Show them that you trust them when it comes to issues such as abuse at their daycare facility, school, church, etc.

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