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Tennessee Daycare Abuse Lawyer

Has your child been a victim of daycare abuse in Tennessee? Rasansky Law Firm may be able to help.

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Your child’s safety should be your number one priority at all times. Due to the pressures of modern living, many working parents must leave their children at daycare centers. We entrust our children with these centers, believing that they will be in safe hands until we are ready to come pick them up. However, some parents are faced with the frightening reality that their child is being physically or sexually abused by the very people whose job it is keep them safe.

As a parent, it’s important to be aware of the warning signs of child abuse, as well as what to do if you suspect that your child has been abused by a daycare worker. Some of the most-common warning signs of abuse at daycare are as follows:

  • Your child starts to wet the bed out of the blue
  • Your child develops oppositional defiant disorder or otherwise becomes combatant, belligerent and aggressive
  • Your child refuses or pleads not to go to the daycare center
  • Your child has mysterious bumps, scratches, welts and bruises that never seem to heal
  • Your child withdraws and becomes overly shy and quiet
  • Your child shows interest in inappropriate sexual behavior

If you suspect that your child may have been abused at day care, it’s important to take the following steps immediately:

  1. Take your child out of the daycare center
  2. Take your child to be evaluated by a medical professional
  3. Call the police and report the matter
  4. Call Rasansky Law Firm to discuss the potential for a claim or lawsuit

Daycare Center Responsibility

Daycare centers are required by law to carry out extensive background tests on all their would-be employees. They are also encouraged to keep CCTV camera footage of the rooms in which children play, study or sleep at all times. In addition, they are advised to evaluate children on a regular basis to find out if there are any warning signs of abuse.

Should abuse occur on their watch, at minimum, the abuser could be looking at criminal charges. While the decision to file criminal charges is up to the police and district attorney, you as a parent actually have the right bring a civil claim (or lawsuit if necessary) against the daycare facility in order to recover money damages related to the abuse of your child (e.g., compensation for things such as therapy, medical bills, alternative childcare, and more).

If your child has suffered abuse in a Tennessee daycare (be it Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, or anywhere else), please call Rasansky Law Firm today at 1-877-403-9378. We can help explain the legal options available to you, and may be able to help you with your claim for no out-of-pocket cost.

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  • Hello, I’m reaching out to you to see what advice I can get on an incident that happened at my child daycare he attends. The director is refusing to let me see the video footage of the incident. She says it’s live stream, they are fake & she can’t rewind cause there is no video. She stated that she was there but when I called the next day to talk about the incident. She was dismissive & defensive. Saying what incident I’m talking about when I first talked to her. Thursday Oct 13th around 5:11-5:15pm me & his father went to pick Zion up from daycare. His father said he saw the shirt was like that when he walked out to him. Let me mention my child is not supposed to be in the 2 & 3 year old area by the door. I found out on my own it was bleach because he smelled like chlorine. No one told his parents what happened when he was picked up, no incident report & by time I find out its bleach the daycare was closed so I call the poison control number. He is fine so that’s good. But the simple fact that not 1 adult said sometimes about the bleach stain to his father at pick up, change his shirt or make a report. Boils my blood cause that is unexceptable. As a daycare caring for peoples children they should so better. The communication with staff sucks, the video cameras don’t work, the director is always in the defense when questioned about my kid, they don’t change his clothes like they said they would, he comes out with dry food on him almost everyday & the kids be by the door sleeping when I just pop up. I just want to see what happened cause all the run around, questions & attitude is to much cause I feel really scared for the other children in the facility. I don’t feel safe sending him back. How can I work feeling like my child is not safe because they are under staffed or just not paying attention. My child could have died and the hospital just asked if he had symptoms like the poison control woman asked. So no he is not injured but is that what’s it going to take. My child to get hurt or die when he could just stay home where he is safe ? I shouldn’t have to keep him inside because of money hungry adults with issues cause he is only 1 years old. He can’t speak for himself. He doesn’t know not to touch bleach yet. I NEED HELP ! I WANT TO SEE THE FOOTAGE. How can a daycare have children with ceras that don’t play back. Kids are dieing at school trying to learn. What if something happens how can the cameras not work ? I thought the cameras work the lady was pointing at them and we was talking about them as if they worked. I would not have let my child attend a daycare that tells me by the way our cameras don’t work ! No no nooo she playing the victim when my child could have been hurt. I just want to see what happened.

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