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Idaho Daycare Abuse Attorney

Daycare centers in Idaho serve a valuable role for busy parents. These facilities are convenient and provide children with a place where they can socialize with their peers in a safe environment. That being said, not all daycare centers are doing everything they can to protect your child from abuse. Cases of day care abuse are all over the media these days, and it’s not uncommon to hear about systemic abuse of children in these institutions spanning a couple of years.

Daycare abuse usually has far-reaching implications and can affect a child well into adulthood if not stopped, addressed and treated. Daycare attendants come from different societal backgrounds, and sometimes, even with the best background checks and utmost care being taken, some unqualified individuals are able to pass through the system’s cracks.

Abuse can take on numerous forms:

A Culture of Fear

Children who are victims of daycare abuse may not speak up for fear of retaliation. More often than not, they are threatened by their perpetrators and told that if they ever tell anyone, they would be in big trouble. Thus begins the cycle of acting out, nightmares and night terrors as the abused child tries to process the trauma in the best way they know how. In addition, parents of abused children may be oblivious of what’s happening simply because they don’t know how to spot the signs of abuse in children.

The daycare center’s management is responsible for making sure that children are kept safe at all times. In most states, it is 100% legal (and recommended) for these facilities to have surveillance cameras installed throughout the day care to help spot any issues as well as keep caregivers accountable for their behavior. All the same, it is your responsibility as a parent to watch out for signs of abuse. This means keeping an open line of communication with your child and making them understand that you’re there for them if they ever need to talk about their daycare teachers. In addition, you should make a conscious effort to inspect your child’s body every so often for unusual bruising as well as spend a few minutes at the center observing the behavior of children to get clues on whether or not they’re being treated well (make a few surprise visits). Additionally, ask if the cameras can be accessed via a secure internet portal so that you can monitor your child at any time.

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