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Red Apple Daycare Abuse

BEAUMONT, TX (11/30/2015) — After several violations, the Department of Family and Protective Services shut down the Red Apple Day Care Learning Center on Monday.

According to the DFPS, the Red Apple Day Care Learning Center on Calder Avenue in Beaumont, Texas is no longer in operation. Reports indicate that Ronnie Jasani took ownership of the facility a year ago, and in this time, the DFPS has found 77 violations—which included allegations of child neglect—after 15 inspections and three investigations.

The DFPS reported that the daycare center offered insufficient training to employees, kept inadequate medical and emergency contact records for the children, and allowed caregivers to begin new positions before background check results were returned. Inspectors also found maintenance issues with the facility that could jeopardize the safety of the children, along with unmarked cleaning supplies and toxic materials. The state agency stated that children were even shown videos or television shows that were not age-appropriate. However, one of the most alarming allegations involved a 19-month-old toddler who had been left unsupervised for approximately 35 minutes.

Jasani has 15 days to appeal by asking for an administrative review. If unsuccessful, he will be unable to run a day care center for at least five years.

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