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Daycare Abuse Attorney in OhioDaycare abuse is a serious problem no matter where a person lives, and Ohio is no exception. It’s important for a parent or guardian to be aware of, and to keep an eye out for any signs of abuse.

As a parent dropping your child(ren) off at daycare, you expect them to be in good hands. While this is usually the case, child abuse is still a very serious concern. It seems as if there’s always a new story of daycare abuse in the news, daycare centers being shut down over violations, and as a daycare abuse lawyer, we hear these allegations directly from parents on a daily basis.

While it is normal to expect that children may incur minor injuries in the normal daily activity connected to play, you need to keep an open line of communication with your child. When you notice a bruise, scrape, cut or other injury to your child, it’s important to ask them what exactly happened.

Injuries in a daycare setting can range from minor accidents to broken bones, or even wrongful death. Unfortunately, far too many cases are the result of daycare negligence combined with the failure of caregivers to respond with appropriate action. When negligence leads to injury, the child’s parents or guardians have the right to consult with a daycare abuse lawyer in order to explore their legal options and seek justice. Through an attorney, you may be able to seek monetary compensation in order to provide compensation for the child’s injuries and to cover subsequent alternative child care.

Negligence Can Have Serious Consequences

While neglect (or negligent supervision) may seem like a minor issue to some, you must understand that negligence can lead to very serious injuries or even death. We are reminded of a case in October 2011 where a three-year-old child was allowed to go to the bathroom unsupervised. While unsupervised, the toddler swallowed a pushpin and choked to death. Even though the facility was eventually cited for its negligence in monitoring the young child and allowing the pushpin to be accessible to the child, the fine the state was allowed to impose was a mere $150. When daycare centers are not held responsible for their actions, they have no incentive to provide better-quality care. Through a daycare abuse lawsuit, you can recover the money you and your child will require going forward, while better-ensuring that similar incidents do not occur again to other children in the future.

What Constitutes Negligence?

There are standards and regulations which determine the methods these facilities must use when caring for the children. Any facility that fails to abide by these standards of care may open themselves up to liability if the event of an injury. The parent or guardian should ensure the daycare facility provides the following:

  • Proper ratio of caregiver to child
  • First aid tools that are easily accessible
  • Environment that follows proper safety standards
  • Adequate portions of food that comply with a prescribed schedule
  • Access to a sufficient supply of water
  • Bathroom facilities that are properly installed and maintained
  • Safety measure that ensure children are unable to leave the daycare premises without authorization and supervision
  • Policies that ensure severe discipline is taken against any employee who inflicts physical, sexual, or mental abuse.

While you certainly don’t have to engage the services of a lawyer, there is no harm in discussing your situation with an attorney by way of a free consultation. They will explain the options available to you for no cost, and most will take on your case for no cost to you. If your child has been injured at a daycare facility in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, or anywhere in Ohio, make sure you explore all of your options. Even if criminal charges are never filed against the worker who abused your child, you still may have a valid civil claim.

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